Why Do People Choose Copper Fittings Malaysia?

copper fittings Malaysia

Pipe fittings play one of the most vital roles in every piping system either the piping system at home or at industrial places. Choosing the right one and deciding the perfect pipe fittings for certain usage is somehow difficult for someone that is not familiar with the maintenance activities. Pipe fittings come with different selections of sizes, materials and configurations. One of the types of pipe fittings is the copper fittings Malaysia that is very useful in the piping system. In this article, we will find out the (i) functions of pipe fittings in general,  (ii) types of copper used, (iii) types of copper pipe fittings and (iv) situations that are suitable for assembling the copper pipe fittings

Functions of Pipe Fittings in General 

Pipe fittings also familiarly known as the pipe connectors, attach one pipe to another in order to lengthen the run or change the flow direction in a plumbing system. These pipe fittings are used to combine, change, or decrease the flow of the water supply. They are made of different materials such as copper, iron, brass, PVC and many more.

Types of Copper used

Usually copper fittings and pipes are made of two basic types of copper:

(i) Soft copper: Copper pipes or tubes that are soft or ductile can be easily bent to avoid impediments in their path. The only kind of copper tubing appropriate for flare connections is soft copper tubing. For refrigerant lines in heat pumps and split-system air conditioners, soft copper is typically preferred. 

(ii) Rigid copper: Water pipelines are frequently constructed from rigid copper. Compression or sweat connections are used to join rigid copper pipes. Because it cannot be bent, inflexible copper must use elbow fittings to get around bends or over obstructions. 

copper fittings Malaysia

Categories of Copper Pipe Fittings

Copper pipe fittings are mainly divided into three categories: 

  • The first category includes fittings that are designed for making bends and turns in the pipe.
  • The second category comprises fittings meant for connecting or branching copper pipe.
  • The third category consists of couplings, slip couplings, cast iron adaptors and many more. Any of these fittings can be selected relying on whether the pipe is rigid or flexible. 

Situations that are suitable for assembling the Copper Pipe Fittings

copper fittings Malaysia
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Copper is a material that has excellent thermal performance – up to 8 times better than aluminum. Copper also has a great resistance to corrosion and formability which make copper tubes and fitting the ideal material for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • Medical System Application

Copper pipe fittings and copper pipes are also used in medical field application to deliver the medical gases for treatment. The great resistance to microbial gases that copper pipe and fittings have, ensures the gases supplied would remain pure and not polluted.

  • Domestic and Commercial Water Distribution 

As copper is antimicrobial, the microbes and fungus are unable to grow and live in copper pipe and the fittings. Thus, copper pipe and fitting is a great choice to be utilized as a mean for delivering potable water.