Do You Know Female Ejaculates?

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Do you know that not only man ejaculation when they are sexual aroused, but women do tend to ejaculate as well. 

 Yes you heard it right. Women do ejaculate once,  it happens when the woman starts to produce a white fluid from their urethra. But this ejaculation process doesn’t have to be associated with orgasm. It can happen manually without even having a person touching them. Want to know how? Let’s dive into it. Do you know that about 5 to 10 percent woman experience ejaculation during sexual intercourse

For starters, the term “ touching yourself ” means masturbation. Mastubartion is actually a sexual act that take place, where one touches themselves in their intimate areas in order to arouse themselves. Masturbation will definitely not cause you any HIV, Hepatitis C or even STD “sexual transmitted disease” from happening. Mastubation is totally fine to perform on yourself and there are also some good benefits of mastrubating too.

How to mastrubate?

Mastrubation can be perform with sex toys which is design almost as same as male genital part area to help women’s to achieved their orgasm. The sex toys are called as dildo, the device has a vibrating mechanism to help boost the contraction around woman’s intimate part in order to boost their orgasm level. 

Why is mastrubating is consider good?

Well studies have shown that, either male or female who mastrubates regularly have proven to show less sign of stress and more signs of being calm and relaxed. It is because, when we engage ourselves in any kind of sexual act, our body is actually  transitioning of which the hormones in our body is produced even more, which leads us to having an adrenaline rush throughout the entire process until we reach our orgasms.

Able to learn your own preference.

Mastrubation helps people to learn about what they like and whatnot. This is due to the fact, that mastrubation enables us to explore about what we might like in during a real sexual intercourse by using mastrubation as a demo to know more about your own preferences. And another important part to be highlighted over here is, mastrubation also helps us to navigate our sexual partner in having a great sex.

What should not be done during mastrubation?

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No matter how safe mastrubation is, there always risk associate with it, for example, your sex toys, it is better if you wash your sex toys such as dildo before using them. This will prevent any kind of bacteria from entering your body through your private area. Other than that, do not share your sex toys with others, if you do, it’s better to get rid of them and buy a new dildo to be used. Because shared sex toys has a high risk of spreading STD, HIV kind illness due to the close frequent contact down there. Lastly, another thing to be noted in this article is that mastrubation do have the tendency to cause irritation and infection if it’s not used properly. This is why hygiene is the main element in mastrubation and also sexual intercourse to avoid unneccessary matters from arising.