My Personal Tips On Buying and Selling Properties in Malaysia

Are you buying or selling a property in Malaysia?

When we are to invest properties, one thing that we always consider is the “where to invest” question and follow by the Why’s? Location is the overused phrased in considering things on investment properties. Buyers will show no interest in the property if it is not located at a good location. If buyers show no interest, then the data will be irrelevant. 

The demand for your property will depend on the location and of course higher selling price if it is a good location. A few of the places that great locations are the G Residen, Seni mont kiara, and Pantai HillPark. Buying property in a good location means more profit coming your way. Since I personally was doing some research on buying a property myself, with all the information that I have gathered, I decided to come up with an article on buying or selling a property in Malaysia.

Just, for instance, you were able to buy a property near the universities and you open it for rental, then it will be a successful investment for you since you have a high chance of earning profit and already has the advantage among others because of the convenience of the place. 

Before investing in a good location, you should know first your goal or objective to have a greater return. It is a challenge and a struggle when you are in the stage of starting up but if it goes well then, it’s a good investment. You will have a lot of options if you will be able to pick the right place to invest. Aside from location we also want to consider the people around and other factors that will affect investment.

Here are my 6 tips on buying and selling properties in Malaysia 

1. Malaysians are equals

Malaysia celebrates diversity. As a multiracial country, people in this place are encouraged to preserve their ethnic names and their languages. They must practice their religions and share their culture with everyone. They are creating a multi-cultural society. Malaysians always celebrate their festivals. They also have public holidays in Asia, because other people in the country celebrate a variety of cultures. Other expats citizens rent a place because they don’t have their own houses. You might want to consider to buy M City property here.

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2. Freedom of Speech

Malaysia has a different religion but easily mix together. They respect each other culture and live peacefully. For that reason, there is unity in their people, various foods, different traditions, and cultures. Most of the Malaysian does not tolerate bad conduct and rudeness. They always say, “thank you” and “excuse me” when they are interacting with people. Though they are happy and cheerful people, they are a little bit shy and introvert. They are friendly, and you will meet the outspoken person and have small talk with them about Malaysian and world issues. All the media are being controlled by the government directly and indirectly. 

The internet is strictly monitored, and people are being arrested for an indiscreet Tweet or Facebook post. Voices of opponents are heard in online news outlets. Uneven post for the government is routinely blocked. Anything against Islam is not tolerated in Malaysia. Malaysian Muslims strictly follows the laws. They want penalties for crimes committed this includes whipping and amputation of hands. That’s why if you are a foreigner and planning a commercial business in Malaysia there is nothing to be afraid of the people living in Malaysia.

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3. Season is almost always summer

Malaysia has a stable climate since it is close to the equator. It is pleasant to visit the place any time of the year because the weather is characterized as a warm sunny day and cooler at night. Having a long span of sunny day this makes Malaysian spend so much time on shopping malls. So, if you will be investing in buying commercial building you will not have a hard time thinking about what business to put up. You can have food carts of desserts in any area or Fresh Juices to sell. You can also have an air-conditioned cafeteria near a university so that they have a convenient place to study. And to chat with their friends. 

You might also want to consider selling clothes that fit the climate near the beaches in Malaysia. We also always consider climate as the factor aside from the location so that we will know what to invest in that area. Before finalizing your decision in the place consider also other factors aside from the location, you might earn a lot of profits in a good location, but you should also think of your competitors. The demand and supply of the place is also important to know, if you are to sell hot coffee at the time of summer you might be having a bad decision.

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4. World-class infrastructure in Malaysia

The growth of the economy in a country also depends on the infrastructure. The essential services that drives economic activity are electricity, roads, water system, public utilities, airport, railways, and telecommunications. Malaysia comparing to other country is in better condition when it comes to Postal, telecom, and electricity. It runs smoothly throughout Malaysia. There is WIFI in every restaurant and beverage outlets. Water supply is occasionally stretched, especially in the Kuala Lumpur area but in someplace, it runs very efficiently. The development of infrastructure in Malaysia is the effect of social, economic and environmental factors. Putting up a business will be sustainable due to better infrastructure. 

When we are to invest property, infrastructures are considered. We all want a comfortable living. Who does not want to live conveniently? If Malaysia has a world-class infrastructure, then it’s something you won’t be thinking when investing property. Base on the survey forty-five percent if Malaysian are obese. They are topping the ranking in Asia. Malaysia’s identity is that in the global economy they ranked twenty in the largest trading nation. Their trading partner is Japan, Singapore, and the United States. Malaysia also import industrial component and exporting finished products.

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5. Malaysians are a food lover

Who does not want food? Malaysians have a variety of food from all over the world. Fast food is easily found in their place such as Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. Burger, chips, and fries are common food in every place in Malaysia. You won’t be starving in this place if you are an adventurous eater. If you will visit this place, you might want to try their traditional food nasi lemak, chicken rice or fried kuey teow and chapti or roti canai. The weather in Malaysia rarely changes so people don’t talk about it instead they talk about food. You might want to rent fraser place kuala lumpur property as you can get all the good food around if you stay here.

They are very proud of their culture and culinary heritage. Every place has its recipes and influences other places nearby. Eating out is affordable in Malaysia, they have street-side food stalls and food court almost everywhere. Rice and noodles are common food. Their food is a mixture of Malay Cuisine, Chinese and Indian food. More often Malaysian eat outside their homes. The disadvantage of this is all food is not healthy it’s up to you where you will be able to find healthy food as for sure some restaurants are serving healthy food. Food is the ambassador of culture in Malaysia. If you are also one of those food lovers, then you can invest in Restaurants.

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6. Malaysia’s greatest asset is its people

Malaysian are family-oriented, as a result, there is unity, loyalty, and respect for everyone especially to the elderly. The family is their priority and a place where they get their financial and emotional support. Their culture is that when one member of the family suffers financially then others will help and contribute to the amount they can. You should take off your shoes and wear conservative clothes when it is their worship day. You should also maintain a modulated voice when speaking inside the worship area. We always take people on our list to consider when we are to build a business. We always ensure our safety and where we are comfortable with who is around us. If Malaysia’s greatest asset is people, then it’s something we need not worry about. 

There are ethnic groups in Malaysia such as Malays, Chinese, and Indians. They are living here for generations. The largest population Is made up of Malays which fifty percent. They are people who practice Islam and Malay tradition. They are known for their rich artistic heritage. The second group of Malaysia is the Chinese which is twenty-five percent of the population. They are good at business. The smallest group is Indian, that came to Malaysia for a better living. They are about ten percent of the population. They brought with their culture such as ornate temples, spicy foods, and exquisites sarees.

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Here is a video on earning from your first rental:

Those six (6) tips may help you decide on why to Buy/Sell properties in Malaysia. First, it’s a multiracial country where you will feel at home if you are an expat. The climate is good that you can invest in the nearby beaches. Infrastructure is one of the most important things to consider in a location. Since Malaysian love food, of you, are also an adventurous eater and food lover, then you can build a restaurant. People have good conduct, so you may feel safe in this place.