Everything College Students Should Know About Internships

Keen To Know More About Internships?

College students of today go through internships. Some people think that such a process is a waste of time, but what they don’t realize is that it can actually give college students a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Internships

Internships can give college students wider and bigger opportunities. The way it works is that employers tend to hire college graduates who have gone through internships easier compared to the ones who didn’t. It is because employers know that those who have gone through requires less training and would be able to handle more responsibilities. Aside from that, there are even companies who would be willing to give a work contract even while still an intern once they find your performance admirable.

Internships can help when it comes to financial problems. We all know that college isn’t cheap. It requires a great amount of money for tuition, allowance, and other miscellaneous fees. There are companies out there who give daily salary to interns. College students can use this for their tuitions and allowances.

Internships can give college students the assurance they need. There are college students who up until now are still hesitant and confused with the path they are taking. With internships, they get to experience what it is really like working in their chosen field. This could give them the assurance they need to continue pursuing such choice. Through this, they’ll be able to graduate more confident knowing that they are on the right path.
There are just so many benefits there is if college students go through all the trouble of internships.

Now, preparing for an internship is just like preparing to apply for a job. And just like applying for a job, one could get rejected or denied. If they passed through, all they’d have to worry now is their performance. So to help college students out, we too have some tips they could use to be able to get good ratings through their internship period.

There are companies out there who would require uniforms, but there are also some who don’t. Those tend to follow dress codes. As an intern of a certain company, one must know the different dress codes. Even if they are not really an official employee, following dress codes is a must since it shows their supervisors how they respect and value their time in their internship period.

Being attentive and taking notes during the first day is a very important step. It is because the first day is basically an orientation day. This is where supervisors discussed to their interns their responsibilities, rules, how the workplace functions, and everything one needs to know. Interns are expected to memorize this and thus to save them the trouble of forgetting, it would be best for them to take notes. It avoids them from stress and hassle.

Giving impressions is very important. An intern must be able to give impressions even still on the interview. During the first day, it is best to be enthusiastic and interact with people, but not too much that it gets to the point that it would annoy them. It is important to show good manners and show great skills during the first day since it would be the time where supervisors would really observe their interns. You must be able to be well-dressed and charm people not just with your skills but also with your personality. If you’re more of an introvert, you need to break free from it.

Showing up on time will get you good ratings. Even if interns are not an official employee, it is very important for interns to show up on time. It would even be best if one would show up punctual compared to official employees. It would show how dedicated they are to their internships.

Take a look at this video to know the common mistakes made during internships:

So those are some of the tips college students could use to be able to get good ratings during their internships. It is necessary for them to get good ratings for it can help a lot to their work application. It could get them better opportunities. The job platform, Kerija, would be able to help a lot of college students with searching for an internship in KL. They would be able to offer good experiences to their interns.