Inventions That Helped Us Survive Covid-19

dr. clo

We humans, the one thing we should be proud of is how far our survival instincts can save us. We have gone through several different pandemics in human recorded history, and none of it wipe us out of existence. We all know the most recent worldwide pandemic. The one that overwhelmingly took over the world, that one that pushes us to adopt the “New Normal” with wearing masks and stay at least 1 meter away from each other… Yes, The covid 19. The virus has been terrorizing us for over a year now but there is always a silver lining to every situation! 

Dr. Clo

Let’s talk about inventions that have appeared during the pandemic and have been of help during the hellish saga! 

“No-Hands” Door Handles 

One of the biggest things during the pandemic is washing your hands, as the virus can be spread through skin contact. Some of us don’t have the luxury to do our errands online, so a supermarket based in Finland pop up with a creative solution to this issue! 

They came up with long curved fridge door handles. They call it the no hands door handle because the design lets people the doors with their arms rather than their hands. This will reduce the surface to skin virus contraction by a lot! 

Portable Home Gym

Dr. Clo

Most often than not, non-essential establishments are closed during the pandemic which includes places like the gym. People who have workout routines were losing their minds because they can’t maintain their workout plan anymore. But, a fitness company called OYO Fitness saw the demand for this and they come out with portable, and, of course, very affordable home gym gear! It utilizes a technology called “SpiralFlex” that makes it possible for people to use various weights, depending on their needs while working out!

On The Go Disinfectant 

We are all trying our best to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 virus. We do basic precautions such as wearing a mask and changing our clothes after going outside, we try our best to wash our hands, always, and, last but not least, sanitizing our hands every chance we get. But sometimes we’re not too sure and we feel like we need to take chemical baths just to put our minds at ease. Well, Dr. Yoo, based in Malaysia, invented a disinfectant stick called Dr.Clo. You just have to bend it when you want, and it will release a disinfecting agent called chlorine dioxide. It will clean the air it touches! It is very compact, fool-proof, has cute packaging, and also will help us ease our anxiety. There are different sticks for different environments too. 

Those are only a few out of countless inventions made by us, to help us survive this pandemic. Though we are in a less-than-ideal situation and things can be tough, just know that there is still good happening in this world. Stay hopeful, stay safe, and get vaccinated!