Some Tips on Food

Some tips on food

Chicken is among a favorite of meat among people, from fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken rice, chicken curry, and so on. Chicken is very common to find on the streets of Singapore. If you are considering joining the restaurant industry by opening your own stall or restaurant, then you need to find someone who can help with your inventory of ingredients, like these fresh chicken supplier Singapore has to offer!

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You need to ensure that your supplier adheres to the rules and regulations set by the Singaporean government, this is to ensure that your customers get only the best quality ingredients that will not pose any sickness risks. You really don’t want to be the cause of a Salmonella outbreak, now wouldn’t you? Some food that contains palm oil will be bad for your liver too.

But, just because you have the best ingredients, doesn’t mean that you are not vulnerable to dish out some bad dishes. The way you cook, prepare and store ingredients is very important too! You may have the perfect, most tender cuts of chicken, but burning it to a black charred rock isn’t going to save it. So effort must be put into the dish as well!

Some notable chicken dishes you can find in the region include:

Chicken Chop:

Deep fried chicken thighs usually covered in black-pepper sauce or brown sauce, usually served with a side of fries. This dish of Hainanese origin is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

Chicken Rice:

This is another dish that has it’s traces from Hainan in China, this rice dish consists of steamed or poached chicken, served with flavoured rice. The rice is usually flavoured with garlic. You can find this dish in Malaysia and Singapore with their own respective variations.

Korean Fried Chicken:

With the regions growing interest in K-Pop and all thinks Korean, it’s no surprise that Korean Fried chicken found it’s way too.