Best Streetwear Outfit Ideas

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You’ll be astonished to learn that streetwear, just like hip hop fashion and overalls, has a history. Shawn Stussy is a name you’ve probably heard of. He’s credited for starting the streetwear movement in Los Angeles by designing his emblem on surfboards and t-shirts. Streetwear began as a casual, pleasant look popular among skaters and surfers, but then it was later adopted by high-end luxury fashion designers and driven into the mainstream. It is regarded as the fashion for ordinary people who wish to express themselves instead of wear what is currently fashionable. So even if you are just surveying companies that sell mild steel plates in Malaysia or going for grocery shopping, you can try out these streetwear outfits.

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  • Grey hoodie & navy cargo pants

Let’s begin with a basic streetwear outfit. Because it’s both effortless and iconic, this is among the best streetwear ensembles. Combine a grey sweatshirt with navy cargo pants for a stylish look. Underneath it all is a white work shirt. With a pair of boots, you may dress up your look. You may also go for a more casual look by wearing a pair of white shoes.

  • Throwback athletic 

Another trendy street fashion trend you should be aware of is classic sportswear. Adidas, Nike, and Champion are becoming more popular in the street menswear scene. These businesses offer stylish and reasonably priced shirts, jeans, and coats that may be worn for practically any occasion.

  • Hip-hop 

Think tighter blue or black pants with a wider, looser top for a hip hop inspired streetwear look. A plain white t-shirt is ideal for styling this outfit because it is both comfy and non-obtrusive, and it can be matched with almost any personality. Over it, you can wear a denim button-down shirt or perhaps a black leather jacket. Oversize pieces, such as larger t-shirts and long zip-up sweaters, are prevalent in today’s hip hop streetwear. You can’t go wrong with a camo jacket if you want to channel the hip hop musicians of the 1990s and 2000s. Camo was tremendously famous among hip hop musicians like Tupac, but it also became extremely popular among the youth due to its low cost.

  • Monochromatic

You could never go wrong with a warm monochrome combo for an at-home look. To dress it up, follow the lead of stylist Nausheen Shah and pair it with a white sneaker and a gold enamel necklace to take it beyond Netflix and chill.

  • Neon jacket & mom jeans

A neon jacket or hoodie is recommended for folks who like to be bold with their street style. Throw it over a bodysuit or turtleneck that matches. Wear your neon with a pair of mom jeans with a high waist. We have our own yellow and orange neon hoodies. Don’t forget the bum bag, too.

  • Urban

The urban gentleman who like streetwear but prefers it in a more refined atmosphere; think fitted shirts with hefty leather jackets. Jeans that are both comfortable and stylish when paired with a stylish pair of shoes. Streetwear doesn’t have to be sloppy or baggy all of the time. The urban streetwear aesthetic has been elevated with an approachable style that includes just a little something more, such as a flashy accent or a high-end pair of shoes. Try an approach with every piece in the same colour family to keep a casual look stylish enough to be urban. The combination of a soft beige winter jacket, a plain white t-shirt, beige slacks, and white sneakers is incredibly easy to wear, but the stylish colours give it a business casual vibe. Pair elegant pants and tops with numerous layers if you want to go very formal but keep it urban and casual.