Comfortable Nursing Pillow

comfortable nursing pillow

Raising children is among the most difficult tasks in the world. Some women experience a significant turning point in their life when they become new mothers. As they wait for the baby to be born, they will be both worried and excited. What should you expect while expecting? Are you expecting a child this year? Are you in a state of panic because you don’t know what to prepare or buy? A comfortable nursing pillow cushion is one of the nursing accessories you should think about.

While you are nursing, a nursing pillow will aid in the comfort of your infant. Additionally, it prevents your hand from becoming numb from breastfeeding while your baby is heavy.

Types of Nursing Pillows

U-shaped Nursing Pillow. The most common and popular used in breastfeeding or nursing. The U-shaped gives comfort and supports your backbone while breastfeeding. 

Boppy Nursing Pillow. Shaped like an hourglass, this pillow has a side higher than others. The higher side is designed to be an armrest for mothers while breastfeeding. Made out of foam and a cotton slipover, it can be washed to maintain its hygiene. 

Adjustable Nursing Pillow. You can adjust the height used that is suitable for you and your baby. The pillow comes with a zipper or a set of different sizes of pillows you can flip over. Washing the flip version could be tedious but it is worth every penny!

My Brestfrend Pillow. Huge in size, it wraps around your waist and is attached securely using velcro. This is suitable for new mothers that are not used to breastfeeding or mothers that have severe back pain. It supports your back with a soft pillow. 

comfortable nursing pillow

Twin Z Pillow. If you have a twin, this is the most suitable for them. No need for two separate pillows, you can take care of your twin at one time. No twins? No problem. Twin Z Pillow allows you and your baby to have your own space after you finish breastfeeding without having to move that much. 

How Nursing Pillow is Good For You?

Saving yourself from neck and back pain. On average, newborns need to be fed almost 5 times or more a day. This requires a lot of mother’s energy. You’ll be sitting down, holding the 3-kg to 5-kg baby for up to half an hour. A nursing pillow allows you to sit comfortably at that hour and avoid you to bend down and reaching down for your baby. Or worse, having cramps in your arm after holding them for such long minutes. 

comfortable nursing pillow

Improve your baby latching. People always thought breastfeeding comes naturally but it actually requires more skill than you think. Having a nursing pillow can help with latching your baby to your breast more easily as it supports their body. Good latching also helps to avoid any unnecessary back pain for you. 


A nursing pillow is very beneficial to all newborn mothers out there. While taking care of your baby, you need to remember to take care of yourself too!