Body Changes To Expect When Pregnant

When you think of pregnancy, the first thing that comes to mind is the changes you will expect from your body. The reasons behind the process of thinking is because out of all the changes you will experience, this will be the most apparent. People will start noticing the changes you experience whether you like it or not. Plus, society has made us believe that your body adding weight is something undesirable. So, we tend to revert to our prejudicial thinking when this occurs. However, you should avoid this type of thinking at all costs. It is perfectly normal to experience bodily changes. After all, you are carrying another human in your body. 

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It will not be easy to throw these thoughts out of the window, but it is possible. First, you need to accept that body changes are experienced by most women when pregnant. It should be noted that some women barely notice any changes, so it isn’t as obvious. You must not compare yourself to these women. They are not the rule, but the exception. To avoid these types of thoughts, you can educate yourself on the changes, so it won’t catch you offguard when it occurs. Here are the few changes you will experience during your pregnancy.

Weight gain

One of the first things you will experience is weight gain. You will begin to add weight around your arms and face. Your face might have the more obvious changes, just because it’s the first thing people see when they meet you. These changes are most likely caused by the fact that you are eating for two, yourself and the baby in your belly. You need to be nourished with food that encourages the growth of the baby. On top of that, you need to consume food that allows you to feel energised and strong. Most of the nutrients will be absorbed by the baby, but the rest will be added to your body. You will have to buy new clothes, especially maternity clothes in the next few months. Remember to purchase large clothes, as you will continue to gain weight as you progress into your last trimester. 

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Stretch marks

Next, you will also experience stretch marks as well. Stretch marks are a way your skin compensates for your growing belly. Since your belly grows at such a drastic pace, it has to quickly accommodate the changes. So, the skin around your belly will stretch and this will cause some stretch marks. Some people call them tiger stripes, as that is what the stretch marks usually replicate. At the end of the day, these marks can be extremely uncomfortable and itchy. To cope with this, you should moisturise the place with copious amounts of moisturiser. Need some moisturiser for your stretch marks? Buy stretch mark lotions for pregnancy in Malaysia at the Mamacliqs store. 

Swollen feet

You should not be surprised if you experience swollen feet as well. The swelling is usually caused by the extra water your body is holding when you are pregnant. Extra water tends to accumulate at the lowest parts of your body. This is particularly true when you have been standing for too long, or are exposed to hot weather for too long.