Rice storage hacks

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Rice is a staple meal that is prepared in any household and if you are from an Asian household, rice needs no introduction. You have to have rice for at least one meal on that particular day. Asians basically can’t get enough rice. As much as we love our rice, we do also face problems when it comes to storing the rice. Over the time it tends to become even grainier or even attacked by insects even though how tight you seal the rice jar or container. I’m sure many of you could relate to what I am trying to convey. So here I have listed hacks that you can follow to ensure your rice’s freshness and to make it last even longer for your daily use.

best rice storage container Malaysia


  1. Invest in an airtight container

It is particularly important that you store rice in an airtight container. I know certain households like to store rice in a vessel, jar or container that has a flimsy top which just doesn’t do its job properly. So it’s about time you switch to best rice storage container Malaysia. This would eliminate insects and bugs from entering the rice and also eliminates other contaminants that may make the rice to spoil fast 

  1. Storing in refrigerator 

As intimidating as it may sound, storing rice in a fridge extends its shelf life. If you have a big family and often buy rice in bulk it is best advised to place the rice in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you buy it. It is said that this process helps eliminate the weevils since they can survive in extreme cold temperatures. After a couple of hours you can place the rice at normal temperature like you would always do. 

best rice storage container Malaysia
  1. Bay leaf 

Bay leafs are known for its anti-contaminant property that helps eliminate bugs, insects and weevils. The smell that is produced by a dried bay leaf would likely chase away the insects thus remaining the freshness of the rice grains

  1. Store in a cool dark place 

If there is warmth and moisture in the rice then there are chances for insects to breed in it hence it is very important to store it in a dark place. Try placing it inside the shelves in your kitchen instead of keeping it outside as the grains may be exposed to sunlight during day time which causes the warmth in the rice itself. 


Nobody wants to deal with rice that is filled with insects. Another case that may cause the rice to go bad is when the rice turns powdery after a certain period of time. To avoid all of these from happening you may follow the hacks mentioned above and I can guarantee you that you rice will stay fresh although it has been quite sometime. You can also follow these tricks and hacks when you are storing all sorts of grains, kernels and granules. Good luck and happy cooking !