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With regards to health, there are no shortcuts when it comes to furniture selection. This might lead to decreased productivity while working from home, as well as decreased product durability. Since the chair used at work has a direct influence on performance, it is as important as any other piece of equipment or training course. A deeper knowledge of how objects are tested for durability and how this impacts the functioning of furniture is essential.

A durability test is a demonstration of the resistance capabilities of certain furniture, such as seats and chair backs, utilizing technical films. This kind of test is required by production and quality standards. With this information, it is able to make a better informed decision on which home office investment is best. Choosing the lab bench supplier malaysia is important.

So, you’d want to understand more about the importance of durability testing in making a more secure choice? You’ll find out in the next paragraphs!

Durability testing serves what function?

For the sake of this article, “durability” refers to a technical test that measures a piece of furniture’s ability to withstand wear and tear, as well as its capacity to maintain its structural integrity over time. We’ll go into more depth about these tests later in the piece.

Backrests and chairs are subjected to a vertical force of around 100 kgf and a horizontal force of approximately 30 kgf during a durability testing method to demonstrate their strength level.

While testing the durability of operating chair seats by applying 120 kg of vertical force 20,000 times, the method known as the “durability test” was used. You may use this innovative technique to check chairs for possible damage, loss of usefulness, and chair modifications.

What is the goal of the test on durability?

Previously, it was said that the durability test is a procedure that ensures that all of the furniture made meets quality requirements and ensures that the customer has the best possible experience and level of satisfaction.

Accreditation by the General Coordination of Accreditation (CGCRE), which received the number “CLF 0056,” recognizes Galileo Laboratory in compliance with the standard, which executes the testing and the procedures used in the testing.

Also keep in mind that the Galileo Laboratory collaborates with the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) in study groups that bring together companies, laboratories, and other parties interested in the formulation and review of technical standards in order to ensure the quality of the products being developed.

In addition, Galileo is a member of the “Forum of Testing Laboratories in Furniture,” which runs workshops and aligns technical standards as well as giving training and putting into practise other steps essential to guarantee that the tests carried out are always improved.

Do you know what this standard is called and what it covers?

In order to be successful, any technique on the market must correspond to technical specifications. For example, ABNT NBR 13962:2018, which governs the furniture sector, mandates that all products must fulfill criteria for both comfort and safety, which is the case in the case of furniture products.

lab bench supplier malaysia