Top 3 mass notification systems for industrial companies

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Equipment malfunction might be one of the worst nightmares for any manufacturer. Without proper precautions and identification, it could cause the business to lose both money and time in fixing and generating enough products to meet the customer’s demands. Therefore, manufacturers should take into consideration the installation of mass notification systems to detect in time any defects during the production process. Some of the examples could be the Patlite signal tower Malaysia companies are using to identify the manufacturing mechanism’s conditions through colours displayed. Here are the top 3 mass notification systems that most industrial owners should have.   

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What is a mass notification system?

A mass notification system will allow companies to effectively communicate with employees, but also broadcast a wide array of messages. Such as internal communication notes, alerts, general information, and emergency messages in dangerous situations. If you are an industrial company, the need for an extensive communication strategy is never like before, critical, since you are dealing with health and security issues that need to be processed and broadcasted with swiftness when or if a crisis occurs. Therefore, a mass notification system is mandatory for making sure that all your communication needs are met.

Audible & Visual Notification

The amount of noise in such loud decibels within factory facilities consists of mechanical details. It is rather hard for workers to hear and understand what is being announced. To eliminate this, manufacturers should apply both audible and visual notifications to improve the chances of reaching all workers, including those with different auditory or visual abilities.

Audible & Visual mass notification systems will use bright strobes, clear emergency tone sounders, screen display text, and voice synthesis to capture attention during time-sensitive crises. Additionally, some items like LED marquees and digital signage overrides are also impactful visual alerting tools for displaying easy-to-read, actionable messages at a distance in high-occupancy working zones.  

One-Step System Activation

One-step system activation is tailored to distribute critical information to all emergency notification endpoints within seconds. This is extremely vital in spreading awareness and mitigating harm. This system could be activated within seconds just by wall-mounted activation buttons, pocket-sized WiFi buttons, or a mobile activator app. One-step activation will best suit industrial operators and facility leaders who juggle a wide range of responsibilities throughout the day. Empower them with the ability to save people’s lives through emergency alerts with a press of a button from the floor or production line.  

Intelligible Speakers

Intelligible speakers are designed to deliver concise and precise voice announcements during emergencies. This is because, in most dangerous situations, people are not sane enough to deliver a full message if they are not trained as it is nerve-racking. Having real-time audio notifications without the need for conventional analogue cables will result in faster and more effective responses among workers. For widespread outdoor notification, a long-range giant outdoor voice system helps to instantly deliver crystal-clear outdoor emergency alerts using audible siren tones and TTS. 

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