The Benefits of Automation

Automation in terms of factory machines, or in industrial companies, has come a long way in making work easier. The sole reason for automating machines in a factory is to produce more, at a faster rate with more efficiency. This will then hopefully cater to satisfy consumers. 2020 has been a rollercoaster, to say the least, however, times like these call for more automated machines so that people will not have to physically work anymore. Considering the current pandemic, it is best that we decrease the number of people that are required to physically go to work for the meantime until the pandemic blows over so that we do not have another spike in cases. Thus, here are a few benefits of automation:

  • Lower costs

Automation is basically making work almost ten times easier, being that they will automatically do the job without having as many human employees as they have now. This will result in lower labour costs as due to not needing to pay salaries and only needing to do maintenance every once in a while. This is beneficial due to the fact that automated machines do the work of three to five people at a time, faster as well as being able to operate 24/7. Plus, since automated machines do work more accurately and precisely, it will reduce material waste, which can reduce the environmental footprint that has been left by industries for years now. For example, an examination marking machine marks papers faster than educators do, leading to people getting their results earlier.

  • Increase in productivity

As mentioned per the last paragraph, when a machine is able to operate 24/7, unattended even, it will lead to a significant increase in product output. This is because, unlike human beings who get tired after a few hours, machines work at a constant speed, hours on end. Thus with this, product output will increase, satisfying clients as well as increasing profit. So automation will not only save costs, it can possibly increase profits as well. Another point adding to this can also be that the more productivity increases, the faster industries can introduce new products to the market to once again, increase profits significantly. And not only does automation increase productivity in an industrial sense, but it also makes certain processes faster, for instance, a money counting machine can count a large amount of money faster and more accurately than any usual employee. This will prevent miscounting as well as spending too much time on a certain process.

  • Optimal usage of floor space

In this current pandemic, each country has specific rules to follow, even in the workplace. For example, the most common rule is to always be one meter apart from each other. This will take up a lot of space in a working area or an industrial area, probably even taking up multiple floors to spread out employees of a huge company. Automated machines, however, do not need to distance themselves since they are machines. Thus, this will decrease the need for more space and make the most out of existing floor space. Malaysia’s industrial automation companies will definitely benefit from this alongside fighting a pandemic.

This does not mean that we will indefinitely cut off physical employees, this is beneficial just to decrease workers to stop the spread of the virus up until the pandemic blows over. Overall, automation is quite beneficial in this time of need.

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