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top human resource degree in malaysia

The graduate course in Secretariat and Executive Advisory provides a comprehensive knowledge of the area, developing skills and competences, so that professionals can act in an entrepreneurial way, being able to work in different types of organizations and collaborating in the identification of the best solutions for every need. If being a secretary is what you aspire to be, Widad University offers one of the top human resource degree in Malaysia.

top human resource degree in malaysia

Methodology and Evaluation

Online specialization is a 100% distance training, whose focus is to contribute to the student’s role in the construction of knowledge. Comprising 10 subjects of 36 hours each (8 technical subjects, Ethics and Methodology for the TCC), its methodology serves different forms of learning, always with online support from the professor responsible for the content, a specialized tutor and the university.

Each course is available in the Virtual Room for 5 weeks, during which weekly assessment activities are carried out, equivalent to approximately 20% of the course’s total grade. These activities vary according to the most appropriate method for each discipline and may include reading tips and videos, questionnaires, case studies and discussion forums, fixation exercises, among others.

What do you find in the Virtual Room?

  • Widad University Course teaching plan: content; training and assessment activities and the schedule;
  • Access to the virtual library;
  • Recordings of teachers (videos of 2 to 6 minutes);
  • Teacher’s comments;
  • Forum of questions of the week with the teacher.

It is recommended that the student dedicate 8 to 10 hours per week for better use of the course.

After completing 10 subjects and delivering the conclusion work – scientific article based on a bibliographic review containing between 6 and 9 pages – the student receives the specialist certificate.

Target Audience

The Secretariat and Executive Advisory course is aimed at professionals who are already trained or act as executive secretaries and who seek managerial training, as well as for people graduated from other courses who wanted to work in the area.

Egress Profile

The specialist in Secretariat and Executive Advisory leaves the course with knowledge of different strategic areas of companies, such as people management, events, organizational communication, strategic planning and management, project management and negotiation. In addition, the preparation of the professional is oriented towards performance with a management profile.

Operating Market

The market for professionals with graduate degrees in Secretariat and Executive Advisory is mainly in companies in the private sector. In them, they can act with advisory to executives, management of administrative processes, and involved with corporate events.

The business environment, today, has become increasingly globalized and competitive. In addition, the entrepreneurial and innovative mentality, as well as varied knowledge have also been a differential for professionals. For this reason, organizations seek highly qualified executive advisors with managerial knowledge to act at different strategic levels.