Pros & Cons of an Ipad Pos system

ipad pos system malaysia


I’m sure you have seen the usage of iPad and other tablet devices taking over the postage system in malaysia. It is definitely much easier and compact to use that many businesses and even organizations use it for their needs. There are both pros and cons when it comes to the usage of iPad Pos system malaysia and we shall look through it. 


  • It is portable 

An iPad Pos system is super handy and very highly portable. Unlike the static Pos system, you bring it everywhere with you and you can also set it up in your premises with no hassle. Transporting it from one place to another wouldn’t be a problem 

  • Doesnt take much space 

The iPad Pos system is very suitable for all types of businesses and do not worry if yours is a small business and you operate in a small space or in a truck. The set up and the Pos system itself is small and does not take up much space in your area like how a full Pos system would. You can now use it for product display as well. 

  • Able to use hardware you already own 

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using an iPad Pos system is that you can just download it in whichever device that you already own. It does not require you to buy and spend extra money on external hardwares of application that need to be subscribed with cash. All you have to do is find a compatible device that you wish to use and download the iPad Pos software on it. Insert all details needed and you are good to go.


  • On the pricier side 

The iPad is already an expensive device that probably not all can afford for their business purposes especially if it is just a small business or it’s just a start up still. If you are putting the ipad pos system malaysia in use and it breaks or needs repairing, it can definitely cost you a lot of money to repair it. 

  • Unlocked software 

If you use an iPad Pos system for your office or business usage you would need to set it in a no password manner or probably the password of the iPad is known by all the working staff. This would give them access to browse through all other applications, games and software on the device. This could be a big distraction to the staffs working there where they might take the time to spend on gaming apps instead of using that time to spend time with customers and asking about their satisfaction 

  •  Durable 

Ipad is definitely a device that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and is very up to date to the current era’s usage. However, it is definitely not as durable as a fixed terminal works. Ipad is made and designed to use for more slowed down work and purposes and you have to take it slow. For environments in which it is fast paced, the device might not be able to support the capacity of the work which might result in damage or slower working system