Keep Your Baby Products Safe

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If you’re a pair of new parents, this time in your lives must be both a blessing and a curse, a wealth of mixed feelings. On one hand, you get to finally start a family full of people you love and treasure. On the other hand, it’s a terribly nerve-wracking time as you have never experienced anything like parenthood and it feels so easy to get something wrong. However, you should never fear as the internet is here! We have compiled a list of dangerous chemicals that you should avoid buying in baby products malaysia. Be sure to check that your baby products are PAMAS free before purchasing!

What is PAMAS?

baby products malaysia

You are encouraged to purchase baby products that are PAMAS free as they are safer for a newborn to come into contact with. PAMAS is an acronym that stands for paraben, animal oil, mineral oil, alcohol and soap. These ingredients are detrimental to your baby and must be avoided at all costs. Always keep in mind that a newborn’s skin is much thinner than ours and therefore extremely sensitive as chemicals are easily absorbed into their bloodstream.

  • Paraben 

This is a chemical that is added to items to kill microorganisms and keep them from degrading. It definitely sounds like a necessary ingredient. However, paraben is thought to affect your body’s immune system which can impair your child’s skin. Preservatives and parabens can be damaging to your baby’s health and should be kept far away from newborns.

  • Animal Oil

Animal oil is a major contributing factor to your baby developing skin conditions such as rashes and allergies. This oil is low in linoleic or fatty acid which makes it difficult for the skin to absorb. This high level of fat causes havoc all over your sensitive newborn’s skin.

  • Mineral Oil

This type of oil can cause skin to toughen and in turn leads to dry, itchy skin. Mineral oil also clogs skin pores which damages the skin’s natural protective barrier. When a baby’s skin barrier is damaged, this may cause long-term injury.

  • Alcohol

Even though alcohol is widely used in adult skincare products to help them dry fast and feel light on the skin, it has a negative effect on infants. Alcohol is highly drying and has a high chance of irritating a baby’s skin since it is incredibly soft and sensitive. The toxic components of alcohol may cause long-term damage to your infant with regular use

  • Soap

There’s a reason why most baby bathing products are soap free and tear free. Soap products are not developed to moisturize newborn skin since they lack a combination of fats and alkaline ingredients. Soaps with high pH levels are harsh and remove the natural oils from a baby’s skin.

How do I avoid buying products with PAMAS?

baby products malaysia

To avoid accidentally harming your infant with products containing these dangerous substances, always be sure to read the labels before purchase. Every product comes with labels with a list of the ingredients the product contains. Always read through these labels and scan for any mention of PAMAS. If there is none, then it’s safe to buy. If there’s PAMAS, forgo the product for another. There are hundreds of baby products malaysia in the market, after all.