What Can Push A Husband To Hate His Wife

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husband hate wife

Have you noticed as well that some husbands would love to badmouth their wives? It would seem that they are their mortal enemies yet they still go home and lay beside them. What do you think is the reason a husband hates his wife? 

If you are a wife and in the same situation, you must be asking the same thing. Well, here are some possible reasons:

  • He finds her loud

One of the most common reasons is because a husband finds his wife too loud. Though this is understandable at times since it is the wife who worries about everything, still you should also consider your husband. There is a reason why he might find you loud as maybe he is already too tired from work and when he got home, you are too loud, he can’t rest. So, when you need to nag, you should choose the right time. 

  • She does not look good anymore

The problem with some of the wives is that they don’t take care of their selves once they get married. They start looking shabby and of course, since men are polygamous by nature, they will get attracted to other girls instead. Yes, this is still wrong of course, but then again, sometimes, husbands don’t care whether they are wrong or not and if you don’t want them to go astray, you should take care of yourself. 

  • You are always comparing

Yes, your husband will also be turned off when you are always comparing him to other husbands. Even if he is better or not in your comparison, he will not like it for sure, so you should stop such practice. If you want to correct your husband about something, you can do so without mentioning others. 

  • Constantly talking about money

I take it that you will be the first one to know if you are financially problematic and thus you end up telling your husband. However, if the reason you are mentioning this is that you want new things or you want what your neighbours have, he will surely get irritated. You also need to be satisfied as your husband might be doing his best. Pushing him to make more just to satisfy your whims is surely something to get mad at. In fact, no husband will like that. 

  • Demanding his free time

When a wife is demanding from the husband that all his free time should be spent with her, it will surely annoy him. This will somehow make him feel restricted like he is dictated on what he must do and he won’t like it. He is the man after all. 
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