The Fun Environment during Work

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Working environment plays an important role to the worker, especially the big company that handles a lot of pressure. There are plenty of workers that complain they are tired of working and some of them are diagnosed with depression, over-stressed and high blood pressure. Even in the news from the whole world we always heard about the worker commit suicide due to stress during work. Through that we can see how stressful workers nowadays are.

Not only that, they are already stressed staying in the dull office and pressure environment and they have to face that daily throughout the 365 day a year. Even some of the workers got prescribed from the doctor to take vitamin c or vitamin b-complex to stay energetic during the day. After a long day at the office they also have to face the heavy traffic to go back home.

Can you imagine how stressful it is to be an adult who has to work to give money to the family and to fulfill our own cravings?

Since most of the workers spend almost 9 to 12 hours at work, at least the owner or the manager of the department makes a change at the department to help the worker to feel happy going to work rather than keeping the plain boring office look.

The more you spend on making the worker and the environment look good and comfortable, the more you will get from the worker because he feels very happy and energetic to make the work and submit it on time because the office gives a comfortable place for the worker to work better.

There are a lot of ways on how to experience a fun working environment and how to maintain it.

This article is written for you people out there who found out that you are working in a super depressive environment and you feel like changing the office environment, also might want to give suggestions to your head of department on how or what should they do to make it feel bearable and fun to go to work or even doesn’t feel real bad doing overtime at the office.

This article will provide you with brilliant ideas on how to make your working environment become great again. In case you are looking for jobs in Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to make a research on the company first and what they will give to you in aspects of its environment.

#1. Peer to Peer Talk

Working can be depressing, tiring and stressful. As normal human beings we always need someone to listen to our tiring working days that understand our work precisely and it is not about having an affair with your colleagues it is a session with the worker about their problems. Put aside for people who have life partners or couples, in this case we focus more on people who are really in need of someone to talk about their busy working life. Having a session peer to peer talk daily or weekly can somehow help the worker released their tension and problem and at least their manager knows what in their workers mind instead of letting them keep everything to themselves and lead to committing suicide. With the existence of the session it can help the environment and relationship between the workers become closer and better that leads to the worker love to come to work because people there understand them.

#2. Provide a Game Area

Game area sounds childish but that is only at the mind of oldies. Do you believe that people or men are still playing games even when they are at the age of 30 or even when they already have a family. Sometimes some of them request to have their own game room so that after they get back from work they actually can release their stress by playing games. While at the office we call this room the “Recharge Room”. This room has become a trend in offices overseas and some of the companies in Malaysia also have started this trend especially creative companies in Malaysia. As for example, Leo Burnett, Google and Light up 7 provide the game room for their workers. They don’t have the problem of their workers can’t stop playing with the game because all of them are grown up and know their limits! They also have their own tasks that need to be done and have to put more focus on their task.

#3. Lunch Together

Some companies are so busy doing things individually especially during lunchtime. Hanging out with colleagues during lunchtime is not a big deal, the workers can enjoy their lunchtime eating together with their department just to make sure they know their limit. Limit here means they need to understand that their lunchtime is only one hour and don’t go overboard. Don’t go overboard here means we all know when we already comfortable with people we always want to hang out with them for a longer time this is what makes things go wrong where workers tend to spend more time on their lunch where it supposed to be only an hour because they love hanging out and wasting time so much they take lunch time given for granted where they go out for more than an hour this has breached the ethical in working. But back to our topic where going out for lunch together can help the worker to bond better together.

#4. Change the decoration of the office

This is where most of the companies with small departments lacked. To be frank, decoration of the office or place we work plays an important role in our work too. Beautiful and clean office gives good vibes to the workers when they come in the morning and enter the office. It also can motivate the worker to do better in their work. This is because a comfortable place and beautiful place gives the perfect mood to the workers to start doing their job. To make it more exciting in decorating, a company should provide competition to its department so that the workers at least can get a short get away from their work and do something that they rarely do. For example, during yearly events such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Independent day and Christmas Eve, the department needs to change its look, based on the eve that is coming. By having competition like this the environment of the company will not be dull or tiring. The workers also will improve their ties with others, become closer and get the chance to talk with the other colleagues from other departments. Workers are human too. They also need some time to stop from doing their job that they have been doing for 365 days per year. With this competition. The worker can release their stress in working and at the same time enjoy the time spent with their friends. At least the company helps a little in clearing the minds of their workers.

For the conclusion, every place we go we want it to be like our second home because home is the place that allows us to let us breathe and do things comfortably but we have to face the reality that we have to go to work and face the heavy traffic early in the morning like normal people do. The only way to make us happy to go to the office every day is to make a suggestion to your head of department to consider your idea based on this article.