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Shah Alam office for rent near LRT

When discussing the cost of renting an industrial or commercial facility that will be utilised for office space, you will hear terminology such as “rentable square footage” and “useful square footage.” Instead than depending on a single rent rate, calculating the cost of your office space based on its square footage is the most accurate way to determine how much you will be paying.

Concurrently, the issue of how much it costs to use community places will be explored. In addition to paying their own rent, commercial tenants are responsible for maintaining the shared facilities they and their neighbours use. You should be able to comprehend the complexity in a short period of time if you prepare in advance and seek the support of an expert tenant representative. The most crucial thing to accomplish in Shah Alam office for rent near LRT.

What does it imply when it is said that a certain amount of space is usable?

This number will be stated in square feet and will serve as a starting point for estimating the amount of space that is really being put to good use. If you are renting commercial property, such as a single office in a large office complex, you should consider your useable square footage to be equal to the size of the office.

What precisely do we mean when we say that a certain quantity of space is “rentable”?

When shopping for office space to rent, it is crucial to be aware of the available square footage.

Are you acquainted with the Common Area Factor and its application?

The amount of space that all office tenants in a building have access to is known as the “common area factor” In an office building, the common spaces may comprise not just the restrooms and cleaning supply storage closets, but also the lobby and any copy rooms. The two most significant variables to consider while appraising a building are the floor area and the construction area. The term “building common area” refers to the total number of shared spaces situated across an entire structure, while “floor common area” denotes the shared spaces located on a particular level. When these two measures are combined, the total factor for the shared space may be determined.

How much do these goods add up to in total?

There is a risk that new office space tenants may find it difficult to calculate square footage. Tenant reps, on the other hand, are used to doing such calculations and would happily help you if you requested their aid. Multiplying the useable square footage by one and then adding the add-on percentage yields the rentable square footage. It is possible to calculate the amount of extra space by multiplying the rentable area by the useable area and dividing by 1. Conversation with your prospective landlord is all that is necessary to determine if they use an add-on percentage or a shared area factor percentage.

Given these factors, it is evident that renting commercial office space includes a great lot more than simply a simple flat charge. You will be charged for the office space you occupy as well as the shared spaces you share with other renters. Multiple computations are required to determine the rent for commercial office space, and you will be paid for both the office space you occupy and the shared spaces you share with other tenants. If you are constantly accompanied by a tenant representative, it will be much easier for you to interpret these data. Throughout the duration of the procedure, your tenant representative will be accessible to answer any questions you may have and to clarify these features in simple terms.

Shah Alam office for rent near LRT


When signing a lease, you must ensure that your existing and future space requirements are covered. It does not matter whether your company now employs just three people; if you want to increase your workforce by 20% over the next year or two, you will need to make the necessary preparations. Being transported for six months to an area that is already congested with people is not a pleasant experience. Consider renting out a few of your offices to local professionals seeking flexible space in order to reduce the costs involved with employing more space than your organisation really requires. This will result in cost savings.

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