Laboratory Equipment Must-Haves

ISO 17025 Malaysia

There is equipment that we most certainly need in the laboratory. Furthermore, the laboratory should abide by ISO 17025 Malaysia. Apart from that, the equipment should function properly and allow lab workers to conduct experiments effectively. It is essential that the equipment is able to help the experiments get effective results. Hence, it is important that there is the right type of supplies and apparatus is used with precise precautions to avoid possible injuries and accidents. 

ISO 17025 Malaysia

Here is the list of equipment and essentials you need in the laboratory. 

Safety Equipment

When it experiments and researches, lab workers are expected to work with chemicals and substances that are harmful. Hence, to avoid lab workers from being exposed to the chemicals, it is essential that the right safety hazard is supplied for them. When dangerous chemicals are present, unexpected events could occur at any time. It is important that each laboratory have gloves, aprons, goggles, lab coats, and face shields as protection. Providing them with the right safety gear can shield them from splashes, spills, burns, hazards, and many more. 

Weighing Equipment

It can make all the difference when weighing equipment for chemicals and substances to work effectively and accurately. For example, a weighing dish can be used to weigh chemicals, but it is better to weigh greater quantities than just smaller ones. Another example is the watch glass which is a circular piece of concave glass that is used in many procedures. 

ISO 17025 Malaysia

Safe Heating Equipment

It is critical that there be a location where hot materials can be used for improved performance. Not all equipment is suitable for this type of procedure as a fire or an explosion could result in injuries. Hence, for mild heating, use a test tube or a beaker directly on a bunsen burner. Apart from that, a hot disc can be employed to heat up chemicals that are in a breaker. To avoid burns or infliction, it is wise that you use a clamp. Never leave the fire unattended for too long. 

Mixing and Handling Equipment

A good material for laboratories is glassware that is made out of borosilicate glass which can stand high temperatures. Fragile equipment such as beakers, cylinders, test tubes, and flasks are useful in procedures such as mixing and storing chemicals. It is important that the glassware are suitable and resilient enough to be used in carrying substances and heating them up as well.