Eating tips from Tupperware: What You Need

Home meal prep.

Taking food from home is a very good option if you want to spend less and eat better. If you also have to lose weight, do not hesitate, take the food in Tupperware.

If you prepare your own menus, you control what you eat better and you don’t have to always eat a boring salad to avoid gaining weight.

It’s a shame, but in general, street food options tend to be unhealthy in the long run. The menus offered by many restaurants are too caloric and lack vegetable options. In many cases, although we try to choose “the healthiest” or “the least caloric”, everything is prepared with an excessive amount of oil.

If instead of the menu, we choose the sandwich option, in the long run our diet will be unbalanced and monotonous.

Therefore, if you do not want to spoil your health because of your schedules, these tips are proposed for eating from Tupperware Home meal prep.

Rescue traditional recipes

Eating in the office or at any work place using the tupperware method should not lead to the abuse of fried or precooked foods, nor to the typical monotony of pasta salads. We must rescue those traditional recipes that we already know to lead a healthy diet rich in nutrients.

Cook tasty and healthy dishes that at the same time can be transported to the workplace without spoiling or changing their nutritional characteristics, it is possible. 

Home meal prep.

Organize your tupperware

Our menu must be varied, healthy and balanced so, as we have explained in the healthy triangle, our Tupperware will be organized in the same way.

The tupperware that we are going to consume must contain a portion of foods that contain carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, chuscas, or failing that, a bit of whole wheat bread …), a portion of protein foods (fish, meat or eggs) , a portion of vegetables either raw or cooked and for dessert, a fruit.

You can also take a plate of legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans …) or quinoa cooked with vegetables and that provide you with the nutrients you need.

Take care of hygienic measures

It uses the food hygiene methods that we already know for the preservation and preparation of all food groups, thus preventing the food from degrading later in the tupir:

When some type of sauce or dressing is added to any preparation, it is preferable to add it at the time of ingestion.

If you have a hot dish or stew in a Tupperware, it is better to cook it correctly before leaving the house and let it cool open, then we will close it and heat it at the time of consumption.

Techniques such as cooking, steaming, sautéing or stir-frying, sautéing, soups and purees, grilling or braising are recommended when preparing the dishes to be transported in Tupperware. Each one will contribute some final characteristics to the food, so we must choose them according to our objective. For example, if we want a juicier and tastier dish we can choose a sauce, while if we want to get a crunchy texture we need a stir fry.

Home meal prep.