Best Diving Places In Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia has become more and more popular in recent years. Mainly because Malaysia has become one of the most ideal destinations for diving enthusiasts because of the conditions that the bodies of water are in. Firstly, It’s the best body of water to dive in because it’s the most appropriate kind of water to dive in for divers of all levels. This spans from those that are beginners to the divers who are a bit more advanced. The water in Malaysia is considered lukewarm. The temperature of the water is usually between the high 20s to the low 30s. The temperature of water is one of the most essential diving factors as that ensures how clear the water will be when you go diving. Other than having some of the best dive sites in the world. Malaysia also has some amazing diving courses. The courses are amazing because all of the divers have been professionally trained by the guys over at PADI which stands for the professional associates of the diving institution. This is also one of the main reasons that scuba diving malaysia has become the big hit that it is today.

  1. Perhentian Island

Perhentian island is now officially known as the diving capital of Malaysia. The reason for this being that perhentian checks all of the boxes it’s supposed to mentioned above. It has really warm waters which in return means that the visibility of the water is immaculate. The currents out there at perhentian is pretty good too and not as strong as some of the other places. This leads most beginners to go there and even try their hand at getting their diving license. Now, for the more adventurous divers, perhentian even offers the diving experience of going through shipwrecks.

  1. Sarawak

Sarawak has also been emerging in the diving spot markets as one of the bests. It is also one of the best places to witness the leftover massacres of world war 2. There are still remnants of the ships that came from the Netherlands and the ships that came from the land of the rising sun. The shipwrecks can be explored and you can even see the coral growth on the wrecks because they have been there for so long. It is an amazing experience for most people to see and there’s not a lot of places you can actually view the wrecks in such clarity.

  1.  Redang

Pulau Redang has been long known as one of the best spots to go diving for a while now. It’s basically at this point a carbon copy of pulau perhentian and they even offer diving courses while you’re there. It doesn’t have any shipwrecks you can explore but there are amazing corals on the ocean floor that you can observe while you’re there.

In summary, Malaysia has long been known as one of the best diving places out there. There are definitely many other places out there in Malaysia to explore and if you’re gonna give it a try then try these ones.

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