ATM Safety Tips To Keep In Your Cranium

After going through an online bank account registration Malaysia, you probably want to head to the nearest ATM to check your balance and maybe even deposit some money into a cash deposit machine just next to the ATM.

On a 50/50 chance, the bank’s ATM section will have a queue to wait in, and the presence of people may make you doubt your own security when operating the ATM. How would you conduct business safely without people snooping in or worse, take your card?

Don’t get distracted

Never get distracted by anything, whether it is outside or some folk behind you intentionally drop your wallet that sticks out of your back pocket. Focus on doing what you have to do in the ATM until you are done. 

People that seek to steal your debit card or money upon withdrawal may do this. The same methods may be done if they instead want to see your account’s details on the screen. If you feel your wallet or other objects dropped from your pocket, keep yourself occupied to the ATM while you use your feet to kick it close to your legs, or secure it under your feet.

Only pick it up after you have done your entire business, and do it fast.

Close contact

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There is still space for you to type the keys, look at the screen and take your card or cash when you lean so close to the terminal that you are practically blocking everybody else behind you from seeing the screen and keypad. Doing also allows you to be definitely guarded if somebody still dares to try to take a swipe around you.

Upon withdrawal, place your hands on the slots so you can immediately take your card and cash, then keep them in your wallet before you leave.

Some ATM machines have small “mirrors” that you can use to see if anybody is lingering on your back like a ghost. Keep them in mind or if you have to do more than just checking your balance and withdrawing, cancel your business and walk away if you feel that the snooper is actively trying to take a peek.

Also never display your withdrawn money. Retain your body shield while you store them in your wallet as quickly as you can.

Avoid nighttime

Sure, criminality happens both night and day, as long as the criminal is willing to carry out their deed. Still, it doesn’t change that night is still a good opportunity for some to go to any lonely ATM, hoping that some schmuck is stupid enough to fall for tricks while they swipe away the card or money and make a run for it without any witnesses around.

People or no people, if safety is your priority, avoid using ATMs at night. Instead, just use your online bank account to manage your savings and wait until tomorrow. If you have to use the ATM anyway, keep yourself alert and use your body shield at all times.

Even with no one else around your vicinity, exercise caution, because at this point you are likely to be more vulnerable.